Lacquerware Workshop


The art of lacquerware is not simply only a recreative crafting activity but also a real art that requires fondamental knowledges about techniques and usage of very specific products and tools.

Himapan Studio offers you a 12 sessions  program (2 sessions per week). You will learn a real knowledge about the essential techniques for a good command of lacquerware including :

  • How to prepare a piece of wood to get it extra flat before lacquering it,
  • How to compose lacquer with solvant and pigments
  • How to make nice colors with pigments
  • Egg shell inlays (Vietnamese technique for decor)
  • Gold leaf gilding and the spreading of metallic powders (technique for decor)

Lacquerware is a slow making art. Every step needs drying time. For this reason we are going to work on 3 pieces of wood. While one piece is drying, we can work on the 2 others.

The class will take place as follow :


Cost for a 15 sessions program : 30,000 THB (50% downpayment at the subscription)

Price includes : 3 pieces of wood, all supplies and tools for lacquerware, one extra session if needed.

For any additional information, please send your request using the contact form here.